BST-Arkkitehdit oy wins the design competition for a site in Ranta-Tampella

Peab arranged, in cooperation with the City of Tampere, an architectural competition for the area as an invitation competition. The competition area is located in Tampere at the centre of the new Ranta-Tampella area to be constructed by Lake Näsijärvi within walking distance of the city centre. The aim of the competition was to design an attractive high-grade housing block that would fit the environment, be technically and financially feasible, and utilise the scenic and urban landscape elements in addition to high-quality housing solutions.

Five architectural design companies were selected to participate in the invitation competition. The panel of judges consisted of representatives of the City of Tampere, the Finnish Association of Architects (SAFA), and Peab. The panel of judges chose the design proposal, submitted under the name ‘Flanööri ja kalamies’ (The urban explorer and the fisherman), by the Tampere-based architectural design company BST-Arkkitehdit Oy as the winner in a meeting held on 9 May. In addition, the panel of judges also decided to award the proposal ‘Kudos’ by Sigge Arkkitehdit Oy from Turku with an honourable mention. ‘Particularly these competition proposals demonstrated a high level of architecture and a well-articulated approach towards urban landscape design’, says building inspector Eija Muttonen-Mattila, one of the judges of the competition.

The strengths of the competition proposal included, above all, the dignified and impressive appearance of the building, which suits the place, the ability to adapt the designs to the framework provided by the environment, the utilisation of the view over the lake with the aid of architectural modelling which also suits the flats located in the inner courtyard, the ability to fit flats of different sizes in the designs, and clear and developable flat layout solutions. ‘The winning proposal provides the area with a dignified, interesting, and timeless look. The view over Lake Näsijärvi has been taken into account very well, and it will be easy for us to move on to marketing the flats’, summarises Unit Director Matti Joensuu from Peab. The preliminary marketing of the flats to be constructed during the first stage is scheduled to begin at the beginning of 2017, and the construction work is set to begin in the summer of 2017.

Additional information:
Eija Muttonen-Mattila, Building Inspector, City of Tampere, tel. +358 40 8004 063 
Matti Joensuu, Unit Director, Peab Oy, tel. +358 40 7132 810, 

BST-Arkkitehdit oy wins the design competition for a site in Ranta-Tampella


Luminary to rise above the rooftops – Parma to provide the facades

The developing city’s new high-rise landmark will be constructed in the heart of Tampere. When completed, the 21-storey Luminary II building, contracted to Skanska, will be the highest residential building in Tampere. Parma will supply the demanding façade elements for the new building with its high-quality architecture.

See the Luminary project presentation
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Luminary to rise above the rooftops – Parma to provide the facades

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We are looking for a seasoned architect to serve as a project architect and main designer for housing design projects. Experience in quality checking with the Navisworks and Solibri Model Checker software is considered an advantage. Scheduling your own work as part of a housing design team is part of your job description.

We are also looking for a visualiser and a student of architecture for auxiliary tasks. We model all our sites with the Autodesk Revit software. 


- you will create plans ranging from project design to implementation planning

- you will monitor the quality and safety of work on site in connection with site visits

- you will supervise and participate in project management throughout the entire construction project

- you will collaborate with various design and construction teams, achieve the agreed objectives, and stay on agreed budgets and schedules

You have:

- a university-level degree in architecture

- 3+ years of working experience at an architectural design company

- good organisation and performance skills as well as an artistic eye

- adequate knowledge of information modelling with the Revit software


- you will work as part of our visualisation team

- you are familiar with the 3D Studio Max and Revit environments, Photoshop, and the V-Ray rendering engine

- you have an artistic eye and a unique vision


- you can work at least three days a week (working hours can be agreed upon flexibly)

- you can use the Revit or Archicad software

- you are have a positive attitude and you are interested in learning new things 

We offer you:

- competitive wages

- nice colleagues

- development opportunities according to your own competence and interest

The work will begin as soon as we have found the right person. 

Job applications to: 



Victory in the idea competition for the northern axis of Hervanta

BST-Arkkitehdit Oy wins the idea competition for the northern axis of Hervanta together with Hartela, Sito and literary artist Karoliina Suonio.
A team led by Hartela, with BST-Arkkitehdit Oy as the principal designer, won the idea competition, which was organised by the City of Tampere, for the blocks at the northern axis of Hervanta. Sito acted as the traffic consultant. A second place and three honourable mentions were awarded in the competition, as well. The winner can continue planning on a town planning partnership basis and select the desired block to realise.

‘Hervanta deserves a worthy entrance from the direction of the centre of Tampere. The area for which the competition was arranged is significant in many ways. The solutions we presented in our competition proposal will promote the natural expansion of the centre of Hervanta towards the north. The proposal also strengthens the old routes in the area and links the eastern side of the Hervannan valtaväylä motorway better with the services at the centre of Hervanta. The block structure presented in the competition proposal and the functionalities on the ground-level floors will provide the residents of Hervanta with a new and interesting area to explore and experience’, says Petri Tavilampi.

Victory in the idea competition for the northern axis of Hervanta