City block at the centre of Pirkkala

City block at the centre of Pirkkala

The Pirkkala municipal centre is undergoing changes. Housing and services, to enliven the municipal centre, are desired on the site of the old public office building to be demolished. The new centre of the municipality is about to be constructed in a location that will have a significant impact on the urban landscape. Commissioned by the town planning of the municipality, we devised the master plan to serve as the basis for town planning. A master plan designed earlier for slightly different needs functioned as the starting point for planning. The plan was altered together with municipal town planning to meet the changed needs of the municipality in terms of both functionality and urban landscape. The town planning collaboration process was divided into stages, and materials of different levels were processed in each stage according to the client’s wishes. Finally, a video was recorded of the area to facilitate political decision making.


Client Pirkkala municipality


Plan animation, part 1
Plan animation, part 2
Plan animation, part 3

Client's point of view

The commission has been about devising a master plan to serve as the basis for the town planning of the very centre of the municipality. The collaboration with BST-Arkkitehdit Oy has been inspiring, interactive, and very professional. The company utilises all the right design tools, and it’s great that the material they have delivered at each stage of the project has exceeded our cautious expectations. These guys must know how to read minds, or then they are just so skilled! The collaboration has, for its part, raised the bar and made us also expect a sufficiently high-quality output from ourselves and our various partners. The 3D material produced for the client is usable and editable. I also must say that their office premises right in the heart of the national scenery are extremely impressive. Keep up the good creative work!

Santeri Kortelahti, Architect, Pirkkala Municipality