Jukola and Impivaara

Jukola and Impivaara

In 2013, the renovation and modification of the Jukola building and the Impivaara extension were completed in the famous Koukkuniemi care home area in Tampere. The premises include 124 serviced flats with all service facilities, and they are located in a beautiful lakeside landscape. The buildings were equipped with, e.g., a lake water cooling system. The project included funding from the Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland (ARA). Pekka Timola acted as the main designer, and Petri Tavilampi, Saana Karala, and Merja Nurmi acted as project architects in different stages of the project.


Koukkuniemi, Tampere
Renovation and modification, total area 5,872 m²
Total area of the extension 5,564 m²


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