Viinikanlahti Urban Ideas Competition

Viinikanlahti Urban Ideas Competition

Delta – A Soft Interface Between the
New Urban Centre Development of Tampere and
the Green Shoreline of Pyhäjärvi.

The area enhances the routes of pedestrian and light traffic between Hatanpää and the city centre as well as creates a recreational hub serving a broader area of the city of Tampere. The new urban fabric of the area extends the density of the city centre while still integrating to the natural environment.

The strip of blocks opens routes towards different nodes, and leans in height towards the lake creating a sound barrier from Hatanpään valtatie road. The block’s height peaks in the two towers on both sides of the plaza. The semiclosed block typology opens in both ends of the
area to the park houses which lie among the greenery. The waterside park buffers the residential blocks from the lake. The attractions are situated in the middle. The educational playground is bordered by the canal with the island deck on the lakeside connecting the area to a new direction with the bridge. The breakwater harbour shelters the island on the western side.


Viinikanlahti, Tampere
Competition area 387 946 m2
Land area 204 155 m2
of which filled areas on the existing water area 45 652 m2
Water area 183 791 m2
Block areas (for construction) 61 940 m2
Public green areas and parks 51 000 m2

Gross floor area for housing 150 000 gfm2
Gross floor area for business and offices 5 500 gfm2
Gross floor area for public services 3 333 gfm2
Gross floor area for other uses 20 000 gfm2
Waste water treatment plant 500 gfm2
Electricity supply station of the tramway 120 gfm2
Total gross floor area 179 453 gfm2

Vehicle parking spaces, total 889 spaces
Bicycle parking spaces, total 3 838 spaces

Number of residents 3 333 persons
Estimated number of jobs 33 jobs