Tesomantori combines commercial and public services. In addition to a K-Supermarket, the centre will include, e.g., a barber-shop, pharmacy, café, and several restaurants. The following public services will be provided in the centre: library, health centre, dental clinic, wellness clinic, youth centre, and low-threshold services. The combined information model for the location was utilised at the site in connection with work stage planning and installation. The client and users used a virtual model to examine the interior decoration designs for the city’s premises.


Client Ruokakesko Oy
Main contractor Hartela Länsi-Suomi Oy
Floor area 15,447.5 m²
Gross floor area 20,679.5 m²
Cubic capacity 108,480 m³
Investment value approx. MEUR 30
Will be completed in 2018


The business centre in Tesoma is at ridge height

Client's point of view

The project in Tesoma is a good example of future construction which combines both trade and public sector services (a health centre, child health clinic, and library) into a unified whole that serves clients in their various everyday needs in a versatile way. During this project, BST-Arkkitehdit Oy has shown that its employees are highly competent experts who know how to take the needs of the users into account and are capable of finding solutions at every stage of the project.

Construction work is currently in progress in Tesoma, and our aim is to build together an entity that will serve as a new meeting place in western Tampere and also be nice to visit.

Petteri Tastula – Store site manager of the Pirkanmaa and Ostrobothnia region at Ruokakesko Oy